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MAY 4TH, 2006
Paper Dolls- Download Free Paper Dolls Online
My daughter and I have rediscovered paper dolls! There are some great paper doll sites on the web, as well as lots of books. These are great for learning hand eye co-ordination in younger kids and terrific for developing creativity in older girls. My daughter, 9, spent about 4 hours tonight drawing with pencil crayons making intricate patterns with pencil crayons. We did similar with crayons when she was 5. My best friend- who is a bit wacky, I admit (for fun she belongs to a yahoo slide rule list- and does slide rule problem as a way of relaxing!) is nuts about paper dolls. She finds really obscure ones and spends hours cutting them out.

The most famous paper doll site on he web I believe is Marilee’s Paper-dolls Page , Here you will something for everyone- I do find the page a bit difficult to navigate, however.

Here are some other fun sites:
Berenstain Bears Paper Dolls Good for younger children- in the 4-6 year old range.

Easter Paper Dolls A sweet bunny -just print and cut out this paper doll set.

Laura Ingall’s Paper Doll
Rapunzel Paper Doll- Print and cut
Wood Nymph/Faery Paper Doll
Fairy Tale Witches Paper Doll
Vintage Look Paper dolls These are really cute! Sugar and Spice, and TONS more. Take a look at the huge variety of paper dolls here.
Animal Paper Doll Sets

Recommended Paper Doll Books



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