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MAY 9TH, 2006

Free Cross Stitch Kit from DMC Threads- Sign Up to be A Cross Stitch Mentor!

DMC Embroidery and Cross Stitching Threads is offering free kits to corss stitches- the idea is to share the skill with others and teach them to elfbar grape cross stitch. The offer is available in US or Canada. The kit is quite cute.
Click on link below to sign up.
Free Cross Stitch Kit- Become a Cross Stitch Mentor

Below is information fro their site about the kit
“As a DMC Mentor you’ll help ensure the heart warming craft of cross-stitch thrives for another generation. You’ll also enhance the lives of others and improve your own stitching skills while gaining fresh ideas, energy and enthusiasm from novice stitchers.

To help you get started, DMC has provided you with all the tools you’ll need to share your passion for stitching. We’ll immediately send you this FREE DMC Cross-Stitch Mentor Kit.

In this kit you’ll find 4 mini cross-stitch starter kits that feature a beautiful floral design to be used for your first lesson. Your students will be so proud once they’ve completed this design. We’ve also included a Mentor Design Brochure that features nine additional projects exclusively designed by DMC for subsequent lessons. And a gift for you, you’ll find your own DMC Mentor Pin to identify you as an official DMC Mentor. (Please allow 4-7 weeks for delivery.)

To help further guide you on your way to a fulfilling mentoring experience we’ve created a special membership access to the DMC Mentor Program. Here you’ll find Tips on How to Mentor Effectively, new designs for additional lessons, a Graduation Certificate that helps you recognize the achievements of your mentor, and a Mentor Message Board where you can share your mentoring experience with other mentors. Visit the DMC Mentor Program web-page as often as you like to find the tools you need to share your love of cross-stitch.

We know that no matter how much joy cross-stitch has brought you over the years, there is more to come when you share it. ”

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MAY 4TH, 2006
Paper Dolls- Download Free Paper Dolls Online
My daughter and I have rediscovered paper dolls! There are some great paper doll sites on the web, as well as lots of books. These are great for learning hand eye co-ordination in younger kids and terrific for developing creativity in older girls. My daughter, 9, spent about 4 hours tonight drawing with pencil crayons making intricate patterns with pencil crayons. We did similar with crayons when she was 5. My best friend- who is a bit wacky, I admit (for fun she belongs to a yahoo slide rule list- and does slide rule problem as a way of relaxing!) is nuts about paper dolls. She finds really obscure ones and spends hours cutting them out.

The most famous paper doll site on he web I believe is Marilee’s Paper-dolls Page , Here you will something for everyone- I do find the page a bit difficult to navigate, however.

Here are some other fun sites:
Berenstain Bears Paper Dolls Good for younger children- in the 4-6 year old range.

Easter Paper Dolls A sweet bunny -just print and cut out this paper doll set.

Laura Ingall’s Paper Doll
Rapunzel Paper Doll- Print and cut
Wood Nymph/Faery Paper Doll
Fairy Tale Witches Paper Doll
Vintage Look Paper dolls These are really cute! Sugar and Spice, and TONS more. Take a look at the huge variety of paper dolls here.
Animal Paper Doll Sets

Recommended Paper Doll Books

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APRIL 13TH, 2006
Ukrainian Easter Egg Decorating- or Pysanky

This is one of the most satisfy crafts I have done. I started about 4 years ago. I went to a workshop run by a woman nearby and became immediately addicted! I did have difficulty finding supplies and ended up driving about 45 minutes to store that had a limited supply. At the time Micheal’s and other crafts stores did not carry any of the necessary supplies to do this fun Easter craft . The supplies were relatively inexpensive. And really only was a one-time purchase- even the dyes I have used for last 3 years. I think all told I spent about 50+ dollars on everything and was a great investment.

Pysanky uses a simple wax-resist process. You start with the lightest color – this will be white, if you use a white egg. Everything that you want to remain white, you cover with wax, using the kistka (the stylus). Then, you dye the egg – the next color is generally yellow. Wherever there is wax, the yellow dye will not be able to penetrate. Now that the egg is yellow, you mark with wax all the parts of the design that you want to remain yellow. The eggs are generally dyed successively in colors from lightest to darkest. In the end, you will have an egg with a great deal of wax on it – if black is your finishing color, you will end up with a virtually black egg. Then, using the side of a candle flame, you melt away all the layers of wax, revealing the colors that were protected underneath.

You will need:

kitskas ( these are like a stylus that holds the wax-always beeswax.

eggs: give them a vinegar mixed with water bath to have them clean and this will help them take the dye better.

beeswax. You can buy small blocks or cups of these made for pysanky or just cut off small block.

pencil: to draw your design if you like.

dyes: These are NOT Easter egg dyes you buy at supermarket. There are special dyes. They are quite vibrant and can be used for a couple of years if stored. I store mine in mason jars. Follow direction carefully when mixing.

candle: a small stubby candle that you keep lit- you put metal end of kitska into it to heat up enough to scoop beeswax. Some pysanky beeswax is dark when you buy it ( so you can see it on egg) or if using regular beeswax it will darken with use.

optional: pysanky patterns ( I prefer freehand and so do kids) elastic bands ( the think kind) around the egg allow you to draw perfect straight lines.

Paper towel- lots of this to “rub”beeswax off the egg when you are done.

miniwax clear urethane – glossy: when eggs are done this makes eggs nice and glossy and helps protect.

Step 1: Mix dye according to instructions. Lay out dyes in order of lightest to darkest.
Step 2: Wash eggs- they will hold dye better.
Step 3: Have your kitksa, candle lit and beeswax in front of you- I do over newspaper to catch the broken wax. Heat the metal tip of kitska in the candle, the scoop into beeswax. Quickly draw “pattern” onto white egg. Wherever the wax goes- your egg will be white. repeat as needed.
Step4: Put egg in dye- let sit in dye ( probably yellow) for about 2-3 mins. Dry off with paper towel or similar. Now go back to your station and use kitska. Wherever THIS wax goes will be yellow in colour.
Keep going in this manner til you get to the last colour which is usually dark purple or black.

The egg will probably be covered in wax. Use your candle and heat the wax coating egg enough so that you can wipe off with paper towel- this takes a while and require patience! Some people will use a small drill in each end of egg and blow out yolk. You can also buy special blowers. A traditional method is just to let dry out. This is what I do- with no problem- the inside just dries up no problem. You can shellac the egg with glossy clear varathane. They look great!

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More Books:

Pysanky in the 21st Century
A kid\’s guide to decorating Ukrainian Easter eggs
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How to decorate beautiful Ukrainian Easter eggs \”pysanky\”How to make Ukrainian pysanky

Good Pysanky Links:

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Stencil Thereom- Oil Painting with Stencils

We really got in to stencil theorems- This was an out standing project for kids as well as the not so creative- as the results are just spectacular. It is just fabulous and so fun! Few people have ever heard if this technique of painting. Another homeschooler showed us about 2 years ago and my daughter is just the right age (8) to get “hooked” with me. The site that had the most – and nicest in my opinion- selection was http://www.crafterscornerinc.com/ , the owner, Rosemary is just a dream to deal with- very helpful- an expert in her craft. She is featured on several television shows as well. The initial cost was more than I thought- the theorem kits are an investment but you can use over and over again. Great for thank-you cards. We worked on Bird Seed stencil theorem and Sleigh Ride. My daughter also did up several “Ballet” on canvas board to do as gifts. Other supplies needed where stencil brushes which doesn;t sound expensive- but you basically need a brush for each colour of paint. I got them for great price about a dollar each but when I have the money I will invest in some higher quality ones. After the kits themselves the most expensive thing was the paints. Initially I was going to use small tubes of oil paint- but I was bit worried about toxicity and ease of use. My problems were solved when I discovered that most people use an oil paint stick- the most popular brand being Shiva paint sticks. They are like giant crayons and a dream to work with. I also found a low toxic cleaner/thinner that was orange based. One stencil took about an hour and a bit. We were overjoyed with the results. I am working on a series of different stencil as paintings- one for each season. You can also get quite fancy and do them on wooden furniture and fabric.

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