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New Scrapbook Paper Storage at Costco

I all ready use this style drawers for supplies and now they have 12 inch drawers to fit standard size scrapbook paper. I find the price a bit hefty. I bought similar- narrower and deeper for 29.95. I keep my stamps, inks, brushes and other doo-dads in there,
I am not sure my paper warrants the big footprint this Scrapbook storage shelf takes up. although I am very tempted. Hubby would kill me if I cam home with more scrapbook storage stuff!!!

Cute- Make Your Own Magentic Strip for Craft and Art Display

Another great idea from a a mom, Magnetic Art Display from Wisdom of the Moon blog.

Complete supply list on her site along with full instrucion on how to make this magnetic strip, but she basically used supplies from Home Depot type store and decorated with metal paint.
The result is both functional and great looking. This would be a good idea for any craft room to hang works in progress, kids art or notes.