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Nice Stencil for Walls- Very Sophisticated

I do love stencil theorems for card and small pieces of furniture. I have a weird wall on the side of deck ( it is actually side of kids club house) by pool. I keep looking at the white painted plywood that has a few things hanging on it- wrought iron Dragon fly, mosaic stuff, etc but I would like to add a mural od some sort. I thought I would do stencillings but fearful it will look tacky or “country”
This site was at CHA show and had these gorgeous stencils from

They have other that I would never put up- but would have loved in my early 20′s . Some Che, Rock star ones and edgier stencils you can use for mural or T-shirts.

Stencil Thereom- Oil Painting with Stencils

We really got in to stencil theorems- This was an out standing project for kids as well as the not so creative- as the results are just spectacular. It is just fabulous and so fun! Few people have ever heard if this technique of painting. Another homeschooler showed us about 2 years ago and my daughter is just the right age (8) to get “hooked” with me. The site that had the most – and nicest in my opinion- selection was , the owner, Rosemary is just a dream to deal with- very helpful- an expert in her craft. She is featured on several television shows as well. The initial cost was more than I thought- the theorem kits are an investment but you can use over and over again. Great for thank-you cards. We worked on Bird Seed stencil theorem and Sleigh Ride. My daughter also did up several “Ballet” on canvas board to do as gifts. Other supplies needed where stencil brushes which doesn;t sound expensive- but you basically need a brush for each colour of paint. I got them for great price about a dollar each but when I have the money I will invest in some higher quality ones. After the kits themselves the most expensive thing was the paints. Initially I was going to use small tubes of oil paint- but I was bit worried about toxicity and ease of use. My problems were solved when I discovered that most people use an oil paint stick- the most popular brand being Shiva paint sticks. They are like giant crayons and a dream to work with. I also found a low toxic cleaner/thinner that was orange based. One stencil took about an hour and a bit. We were overjoyed with the results. I am working on a series of different stencil as paintings- one for each season. You can also get quite fancy and do them on wooden furniture and fabric.

picture of stencil theorem