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Some New Quilling Patterns For Valentines Day

This is a nice card “Hearts and Borders” feature some quill work : Hearts and Borders card.

I don;t *think* I have posted before- here is a Heart pattern.

Some basic quilled hearts used in cards/stamping :

I have some more to add- sorry for the short post.
If you know of some patterns or have a quilling site with free patterns- let me know and I will post. Just comment :-)

Ideas For Quilling- Where Can You Use Quilling?

What Do you Do With Your Quilling Projects?

This what I have used mine for :
Quilled Snowflakes- as an add on to hostess gift at Christmas (can use as ornament) These are great as teachers gifts, too :-)

Obvious, but scrapbooks and cards. I will often make with my daughter little gift cards to attach to a gift- animals and florals make really cute ones on card stock. I just make these very simple- one design that takes no more than an hour. People love them and can’t believe my daughter makes these :-)
Gift tags for ANYTHING…even bottle of wine ( cluster of grapes are nice on olive card stock and some pen doodles..)

Kind of Neat- They had Quilling Kits at My Dollar Store- Dollarama!

Very cool. Must be getting more popular. We went to dollar store today to get some rhinestones for an art project and lo and behold- there were little Quilling Kits. They cost a dollar and came with plastic quilling tool and about 100 strips of 9 inch paper in assorted colours. I bought a bunch of them to use to teach groups of kids.

STUNNING Alphabet Quilling Patterns

I don’t usually post Quilling patterns for sale- I prefer to stick to free downloads- but I just have to make an exception in this case. The site is located in Vietnam- and looks like you can only buy the completed products- and even then at wholesale level for a minimum of $4,000. Still, lots of good ideas can be gleaned from the site.
To see them all:

The site has a series of Quilling Alphabet Patterns – and they are just beautiful.
Here is an Example:
quilling alphabet pattern

Free Halloween Quilling Patterns

Wow- these are tough to find! Help me flesh this out! If you come across one or have one on your site you would like me to post and promote- please post in the comments section.

I did find this one, a cute Halloween Candy Corn quilting pattern, here: that has excellent instructions and pic.

Adorable Quilled spider:

also : VERY nice quilled pumpkin pattern .