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Yikes- Another Mother’s Day All Ready?

Mother’s Day will be here soon! I can’t believe I will have been a mother for 11 years now! It literally feel like yesterday that I celebrated my first Mother’s Day as a “mom” . I still don’t think of it that way and never consider what I would like to do- just what to do with mom and how to spend the day. My mother and I used to own a flower shop together ( many years ago!) so I always like to send her mothers day flowers. I personally like the organic snack basket shown on the site- but my mom is more of a gourmet :-) We also do brunch. We discovered a fantastic place in the city she lives in last year and meant it to be our annual tradition- but it burned down a week after we went! It goes without saying that my kids and I make mother’s day card. I think I will a quilled mothers day card this year :-)