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Some Free Easter Cross Stitch Patterns

calla lily
Here is a collection- hopefully ever-growing- of Easter themed free cross stitch patterns and charts. To be put on the list the pattern must be of quality and be absolutely free. Do you have a free pattern you would like to share? A cross stitch site that has a free pattern for your visitors? Please post in comments section and will be sure to add. If you find a link not working or pattern is no linger free- please let us know so we can remove.

Little Bunny with Easter Basket Cute pattern.

Have an Egg-cellent Easter Cross stitch chart.

Easter Egg Border
Simple and quick.

Lovely Pysanky-style egg with rose This is VERY pretty. Exceptional free pattern.

Amidst the dzen of free patterns there is a bunny one here. Well worth the look for lots of free seasonal patterns.

Very nice checkerboard bunny Easter cross stitch. Very good quality for a free pattern. Other designs also worth looking at on this site.

Some BEAUTIFUL free cross stitch patterns here for Easter and other. Designs are very pretty and well done.

Free seasonal patterns, including one with a bunny holding a rose. Good patterns for children learning cross stitch and beginners.

Tons of free charts- including this easter chick.

Make Your Own Easter Egg Dye from Food Coloring

Get out some jars or containers for your dyes- I like old mayonnaise or jam jars with screw on lids.

Put 2/4 cup of hot water and 2 tsp. of vinegar in each jar. Add your food colouring. You will need a total of about 25 drops.
Let cool.

Drop in your hard boiled eggs and let sit for 2-5 mins. Take our with spoon and let air dry.

Orange – mix about 10 drops of red with about 15 drops of yellow
Turquoise – mix about 5 drops green with about 20 drops of blue
Violet – mix about 12 drops red with about 12 drops blue

Ukrainian Easter Egg Decorating- or Pysanky

This is one of the most satisfy crafts I have done. Here are step by step instructions on Ukrainian Easter Egg Decorating-Pysanky

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