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Perfect for Making Halloween Costumes! Glow In the Dark Yarn from Bernat

Bernat’s New Glow In the Dark Yarn

How cool is this? Be prepared to pay tho. Glow in the dark yarn from Bernat called “Glow” is 3.99 for a small skein at Michael’s craft store. You could start stocking up now with coupons. It glows after being in light . This would be great for Halloween costumes- I see lots of potential for over stitch as an accent on costumes or around cuffs of mittens and hats. This yarn comes in several colors that “glow” and good for both boys and girls.

Turn Your Own Hand Writing into a Font for Computer and MS Word

Very cool! Great for scrapbooks and “letter” writing. I know of two highly recommended sites, will turn your handwriting into your own personal True Type font for 29.95.

The pricier Also is also a popular option.

9.00 will get you your own font at
The personalized font is great to use in journal ling. I like the look and feel of handwritten writing in a scrapbook- but I know many who hate to do it and let fear of making a mistake stop them from journaling. getting your own personal font would be a great idea for some people- also very high cool factor!

If you have expericne with gettign your own fonts- let me know- post in comments section!

Halloween Party- Cool Halloween Decorating Ideas

Monster Footprints:
With a magic marker, draw a footprint in a big sponge. Cut out the footprint. Pour washable paint in an 1/8 inch aluminum pan. Press the sponge in the paint and sponge footsteps up your sidewalk to your front door for trick-or-treaters to follow, or around the side of your dark, spooky house. Flip the sponge upside down to stamp the other foot

Spooky Halloween “Shrunken Heads” for Halloween

These little faces, made from dried apples, can look really nasty and sinister — the perfect thing to decorate a Halloween party. Tuck them in among the food at your Halloween Buffet. You can also make lots of dried apple heads and string them up like a spooky garland.

You will need:

whole cloves
a few grains of rice
1/2 C lemon juice
2 tsp. salt

Peel a large apple and coat with mixture of lemon juice and 2 teaspoons of salt to prevent browning. With a potato peeler or small knife carve out eye sockets, a nose, mouth and ears. Don’t worry about carving small details as they will be lost when the apple dries. Go for the big features and nature will take care of the rest.

Use whole cloves for eyes and raw rice grains for teeth (the faces also come out looking great without these extra props, just carve and let dry if you want to keep it simple).

haunted house

Icky Cobwebs
Cut some string into 4 foot lengths and tape them to the ceiling. You should have a very dim room for this. Just before the victim arrives you can hold a bowl of water up to the string and get it wet. When people walk in the wet, slimy string will brush across their foreheads and scare them!
Sit apples on a wire rack in a warm, dry place for about 2 weeks. Shape the faces as they shrink and harden. You can speed the drying process a little by drying in an oven set at the lowest temperature. However, the process will still take several days.