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Knit Your Own Spock Ears!

These would be GREAT for Halloween and there is still plenty of time to get started on making these pointy ears!

Instructions for Knitting Spock Ears

Yarn Songs – The Patterns is responsible for these make them yourself Spock ears. Aren’ they great?

You can get detailed instructions on how to knot these Spock ears on the site.
If you happen to make these would love to see some pics!

Perfect for Making Halloween Costumes! Glow In the Dark Yarn from Bernat

Bernat’s New Glow In the Dark Yarn

How cool is this? Be prepared to pay tho. Glow in the dark yarn from Bernat called “Glow” is 3.99 for a small skein at Michael’s craft store. You could start stocking up now with coupons. It glows after being in light . This would be great for Halloween costumes- I see lots of potential for over stitch as an accent on costumes or around cuffs of mittens and hats. This yarn comes in several colors that “glow” and good for both boys and girls.

Great Halloween Treat- Nutella “Mummies”

halloween treat mummy
These would be fund for a sleepover or at Halloween. I found the idea at Unfurled, where you can find complete instructions on how to make. She used bread mix and nutella spread and then added some icing eyes, I thought the idea was simple yet genius:-)

I think you could also use store bought bread dough ( like Pillsbeary brand) and other spreads.

Free Pumpkin Carving Patterns- Pumpkin Carving Ideas

FREE Pumpkin Carving Patterns and Pumpkin Carving Ideas for Halloween

Whew.. carved WAY too many of these this year! Here are some sites that have good, free pumpkin carving ideas.These are
TOTALLY over the top: Pumpkin Lady Free Patterns : Some easy, basic and traditional pumpkin carving ideas : – some cute freebies here- they also have daily free download Nice Free Pirate Pumpkin Carving pattern here Very funny- vomiting pumpkin carving ( not as gross as it sounds :-) )

Free Halloween Quilling Patterns

Wow- these are tough to find! Help me flesh this out! If you come across one or have one on your site you would like me to post and promote- please post in the comments section.

I did find this one, a cute Halloween Candy Corn quilting pattern, here: that has excellent instructions and pic.

Adorable Quilled spider:

also : VERY nice quilled pumpkin pattern .

Free Halloween Cross Stitch Patterns and Designs

Here are some very cute and free counted cross stitch patterns and designs.
Free Halloween Cross Stitch Patterns:

Halloween – Free Cross Stitch

Country Cottage
has a Halloween designs on their holiday page

Happy Halloween
cute sampler courtesy of “Whispered by the Wind”

“Kitty Boo”
cat in a pumkin courtesy of The Stitcher’s Habit

Free “Happy
Halloween” cross stitch pattern

cross stitch

Free Halloween Cat Cross Stitch by
Wee Darlings

Cute-Free Cross Stitch Pattern – Ghost

Adorable Pumpkin Pattern

Nice Happy Halloween Cross Stitch Pattern- This are in a nice downloadable format. A very nice site and some great free cross stitch patterns.

Witches Cauldron Cross Stitch Chart
free halloween cross stitch witch

Do you have a free seasonal cross stitch pattern you would like to share- or a cross stitch site that offers free patterns? Feel free to post in comments sections- I can always put in the appropriate category.

Nice Halloween Cross stitch pattern books : Halloween Cross Stitch

Turn Your Own Hand Writing into a Font for Computer and MS Word

Very cool! Great for scrapbooks and “letter” writing. I know of two highly recommended sites, will turn your handwriting into your own personal True Type font for 29.95.

The pricier Also is also a popular option.

9.00 will get you your own font at
The personalized font is great to use in journal ling. I like the look and feel of handwritten writing in a scrapbook- but I know many who hate to do it and let fear of making a mistake stop them from journaling. getting your own personal font would be a great idea for some people- also very high cool factor!

If you have expericne with gettign your own fonts- let me know- post in comments section!