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Make “Walking” Sticks With your Kids- Cool Craft For Boys

One of the most fun things we do when going for hikes and walks is finding the “perfect” stick. My oldest daughter doesn’t care that much but my son can obsess about it :-)
I am not sure what it is about boys and sticks but they sure seem to inspire a lot of joy!
Another fun find is any sort of feather- this craft merges the two- using sticks and feather to create a colourful walking stick.

Good Camping Craft

We use a lot of colored electrical tape hear for tons of crafts so this all ready has my kids stamp of approval.
here are complete instruction on Full Circle website.

Make Shrinky Dink Plastic Rings

shrink plastic ring
Love these! These would be great to make for loot bags or for kids to make at birthday party. Also terrific if you are looking for crafts to do over the summer or summer camp crafts.
You could also have a lot of fun at the Holidays and make shrink plastic Halloween rings and ones for Christmas.

These are a good craft for boys – you can get lots of stamps now with boy theme like spider web or bugs. This would also be a good craft for kids to do for a gift- would make a nice mother’s day gift (for grandmas too) or teachers gift.

The full tutorial for making these nice shrink plastic rings is on the blog Planet June.

Crafts for Boys: Make Goop!

My son goes nuts for this. We color ours different colours and squishing it makes for wonderful “brains” and other gross things!
This makes a very “wet” almost dough like stretchy concoction that is hard to describe. kids go crazy for it. Very tactile and indescribable texture.

8 oz bottle of school glue ( Elmer’s type- get at dollar store)
8oz. of water ( hint- fill up empty glue bottle)
coloring: food coloring, tempera paint powder, kool-ade, etc.

8oz. WARM water
1 1/2 tsp Borax ( can be found in laundry section and is very cheap)

Mix up first mixture of glue, water and coloring in bowl-set aside

Mix up warm water with borax ( don’t worry if there are lumps) but be careful not to add too much borax- will wreck texture of the goop.

Now, Slowly pour borax water mixture into the other bowl- while stirring. You will get a STRANGE consistency pretty quickly :-)

Crafts for Boys: Make a “Boffer”- Make a Safe Sword

picture of boffers

Of course girls can make these to- instead of saying this is a crafts for boys I should say a craft that boys might be interested in. I do avoid sexual stereo-typing but experience has shown me that not too many boys enjoy scrap booking or bead making as much as girls.
Wow- did kids go crazy for these! I saw these last year but never had an opportunity to make- my sons were too young and it looked like a big task. The kids I saw playing with were 8-16 years old. It has ALWAYS been a challenge for me to get boys interested in any kind of a craft and I was thrilled with how much they liked this.
Well- we have been going a group lately where the kids ( mostly boys) seem to gravitate towards swordplay- broom handles, mops and sticks were being whacked all over the place. It was only a matter of time boffer some one got hurt and it twigged that I had an email about how to make these cool “swords” called boffers. There is a whole culture of making and playing with these things- but for our purposes we needed something kids could use as a sword and not kill one another.
These were a HUGE hit- the kids totally loved them and I was a hero. The great thing about these is my 3 year old was as able to join in and have fun as much as the 11 and 12 year olds.
Basically- You take a length plastic (PVC) pipe and thread it through the center hole of a pool noodle- then wrap the whole thing in duct tape. There are many variations but I stuck with the easiest and fastest as I was going to make about 12 of them.
I used this generic boffer design.

The instructions above say to use 3/4 in PVC pipe, I ended up using 1/2 PVC conduit ( cost me 5.00 / 10 foot length)
If you decice to pursue this and want tp make fancier boffers- Here is list of some other good sites offereing intructions on how to make boffers:

The Art of Boffer Smithing