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Fragrance Oil Scent Reviews: Fragrance Oils from Alabaster

Reviews of Fragrance Oils from Alabaster Candle Supply

I have just picked up some scents i have never tried before.
One of ths shipment was from Alabaster Candle Supply.
The scents I bought were:
Sage and Citrus Fragrance Oil : An herbacious bouquet with floral topnotes and a sweet woody background. ( I have been on the hunt for Yankee TYPE for a while now) this is WONDERFUL out of the bottle scent.
I will make up and test this week.

Lavender Fragrance Oil : Lavender flowers enhanced by lilac, rose & jasmine with a spicy woody undertone. Still not what I am looking for- looking for a TRUE essential oil type lavender scent. This is close and may smell right when done in candles.

Sweet Cotton Fragrance Oil : Fresh Green Apple with hints of Orange & Pineapple on a Drydowns of Musk. Not sold on this- much too fruity a scent. We’ll see.

I have some Lonestar scent coming tomorrow and will check those out. Included will be another Sage and citrus.

Best Spiced Pumpkin Pie Fragrance Oil for Candle Making

I bought some of this on a whim while travelling through a small town in Ontario last year. Thankfully they do ship. The owner, Susan is very efficient to deal with. Hands down the BEST pumpkin pie fragrance oil cent I have ever tried. Has a great throw- even in soy.
I HIGHLY recommend.
Here is link: Spiced Pumpkin Pie Scent

Their other scents are fine- and they have good prices on wax, but this scent is out of this world!

Best Candle Fragrance Oils- Cajun Candle Scents

I have been making my own candles for almost 5 years now. I pretty much stick to soy container candles or pillar mold candles.
The container candles are great to have around as little hostess gifts year round and make perfect stocking stuffers or last minute gifts . I have made soy container candles several times now with groups of older kids – the wax is hot so need to supervise with younger ones. One of the MOST important ( and most expensive) factors in candle making is the fragrance oil. This is what makes the difference between a candle at the dollar store and brand names like Yankee Candle Factory. This is why I started making my own candles- I hated the scent of cheap candles and really hated the price of expensive candles.

At any rate- after lots of experiment here is a list of favourite suppliers and my recommended scents.
Favourite Fragrance Suppliers:

The Cajun Candle Factory- Best Candles Scents and Fragrance Oils

Apple Strudel – I normally don’t; go for fruit or “bake” scents but this is exceptional . A great spiced apple scent with hint of vanilla. Really nice fall scent
Banana Nut Bread – Again- I bought this on a whim because I normally don;t like “baked” any kind of scent- but this is just incredible! Anyone I have ever made it for raves about it.

Christmas Memories – OKay- this is my all time favourite scent- I could just eat it. I don;t know what they put in it- it has hint of pear with some spice- Impossible to describe but if you order this you will NOT regret it. I could burn this year round.

Christmas Tree – Best Christmas tree scent I have tried. Slightly sweet- not hint of “pine-sol” or disinfectant smell. Highly recommend. I burn this to compensate for our artificial tree :-)
Cinnamon Buns – People I make this for gaga over it.

French Vanilla – Perfect vanilla scent. I have tried others but keep coming back to this.