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Why Not Write a Craft Blog?

One of the best parts about creating something new -or finishing a new scrapbook layout or starting a new cross stitch pattern is sharing it! I don;t mean sharing it in the “showing off” kind of way- but learning a new technique and feeling pride in what you accomplished- saying look- I DID it! That feeling really doesn;t ever go away- sort of an adult form of “Look, Mom!”
I absolutely LOVE checking out other people’s craft blogs and seeing what the latest trends are, discovering a new tool or product I just have to have or just plain admiring some one else’s work.

One of the best ways to shar your work is to do it online- wh not create your own blog? I HIGHLY recommend you host your own blog on your own server a web hosts. There are several sites that can recommend some good ones.

Knit Your Own Spock Ears!

These would be GREAT for Halloween and there is still plenty of time to get started on making these pointy ears!

Instructions for Knitting Spock Ears

Yarn Songs – The Patterns is responsible for these make them yourself Spock ears. Aren’ they great?

You can get detailed instructions on how to knot these Spock ears on the site.
If you happen to make these would love to see some pics!

Looking for Decent Metallic Paper for Scrapbooking

I saw a technique used in a scrapbook magazine where they embosses 3 different colors of metallic paper- in shades of gold, orange and cranberry and was lovely- I cannot find this paper ANYWHERE. I can’t remember the magazine so no clue what brand. I have been to 4 stores now to track down something similar.
The design used Cuttlebug swhirls embossing folder.
Ideally I would like a paper pack of this stuff so I can LSS coupon or Michael’s coupon.

Perfect for Making Halloween Costumes! Glow In the Dark Yarn from Bernat

Bernat’s New Glow In the Dark Yarn

How cool is this? Be prepared to pay tho. Glow in the dark yarn from Bernat called “Glow” is 3.99 for a small skein at Michael’s craft store. You could start stocking up now with coupons. It glows after being in light . This would be great for Halloween costumes- I see lots of potential for over stitch as an accent on costumes or around cuffs of mittens and hats. This yarn comes in several colors that “glow” and good for both boys and girls.

Make An Easy Tote Bag- Perfect For Piano And Sheet Music

Hip to Piece Square comes up with How To Make A Bag with superior step-by-step instructions and photos. This is a good project for beginner sewers- especially youths. You could get really funny with this project with some bright fabric and cool buttons. The look is great- perfect for back-to-school.
I think we make this bag to use for carrying piano books and sheet music.

Handling Bills and Managing Craft Budget

As part of an experiment I am doing this month using a new service called Social Spark I made this video. I have been trying to find ways to make a little bit of money- mostly to finance my ever increasingly expensive craft habit! I think craft and art projects are as necessary for the soul as food and and water are to the body. CREATING is a the key to humanity, in my opinion. Once you deny or quash the creative spirit yo are left with… not much. I wish more prisons spent time fostering the love of creation and building self esteem than punishing. I know most prisons have a small working farms so this is a start.
I digress.. I am have been looking at ways to make a bit of money to pay for this site as well as finance some of my more expensive craft habits. The scrapbooking and card making is getting out of hand!

I just took a money knowledge quiz and did not too badly. The site come up with solution for
Debt consolidation, Debt relief and Debt help. Th quiz was not invasive and did not ask too many personal question- none for that matter- more asked they way we handle our debts and bills. I found it worth while and there is also a contest for best “video” on bill payments, You can win 500.00 towards those bills.

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A Felted Wool Craft- Make Felted Wool Balls for Kids

I LOVE these!!!!!! One of my new favourite sites, Give me a purl!These are just too cool and make the greatest juggling balls as well.
It has been puring rain for last few days so this will be a great craft t week on over the weekend, my kids have gone a little stir crazy :-)
I have been meaning to do some kind of felted wool project and this is IT! I think I will do a workshop at church this winter and I have been looking for fun, cheap crafts to do and this will be perfect.

Back To School Sales Also Mean Cheap Scrapbook Tools

I have become a scrapbook tool junkie. I always have an eye out for latest tool or gadget, Not sure if I like to collect things or I like scrapbooking :-) . I am terrified to buy a Cricut machine because I will end up remortgaging house to pay for all the cartridges,
I was at my local scrapbook store and saw a labeller – one that makes color labels that I used when i was 10 and they were charging almost thirty dollars! What! Dymo labelers things were something anal retentive moms had us use when I was a kid in the 70′s ( and I admit they were pretty cool) They seem to be making a huge comeback as I see them popping up in mainstream stores again and in scrapbook magazines and in layout ideas.If you want one of these labelers then you can pay 30.00 + dollars at your scrapbook store or get at an office supply store for half the price.

The labels have made a resurgence in the classroom. They are used to label binders and books, Mp3 players and cell phones. Moms label backpacks and lunch boxes. When I was a kid you got you choice of black, red and I think yellow. Today there is every possible colour combination! Look to office supply store for some neat scrapbooking finds!

Great Halloween Treat- Nutella “Mummies”

halloween treat mummy
These would be fund for a sleepover or at Halloween. I found the idea at Unfurled, where you can find complete instructions on how to make. She used bread mix and nutella spread and then added some icing eyes, I thought the idea was simple yet genius:-)

I think you could also use store bought bread dough ( like Pillsbeary brand) and other spreads.