Cricut Cartridge Sale

Don’t forget that Michael’s is selling their Cricut cartridges for 40.00 nest week. The cartridges or for the Cricut die cutting machine. Typically they go for about 80.00 and even on sale about 50,oo so this is a great deal I have also heard Michael’s might be doing a cross promotion with Cricut where you can get the Cricut Design Studio for free when you buy a certain amount of the cartridges.

Update: Rumor is true- if you buy 3 Cricut cartridges you get Cricut Design Studio free. Visit Details of free Cricut Design Studio offer.

2 thoughts on “Cricut Cartridge Sale

  1. Linda

    I purchased a cricut for my 8 yr old granddaughter ;unable t o find cartridges for it.It’s one for children from Walmart.Can you help?


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