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Do You have a “Craft” Budget?

I can always justify spending money on crafts. At the rate I buy supplies I figure every card i make cost about 34.00. Pleasure and enjoyment- priceless. I have a monthly bdget that I allow myself- i TRY to stick to under a 100.00 for all craft related stuff. That include paints, materials, tools and for things like crops- and food that I might buy there. I also include in that budget all my kids crafts.

One way I keep track of how much I spend is a use a PayPal debut card- you could l also use a pre-paid card. or rewards type card where you get credit card gas rewards or air miles.

My PayPal card works perfectly because the only way money goes into my Paypal account is when I sell something on ebay.
It has helped quite a bit with budgeting.

Good Craft For Boys- Make Your Own Pinhole Camera

And girls too :-)
Several different designs for making these pinhole cameras. A pinhole camera is one that does not have a glass lens- it has a very tiny hole that lets light into the exposed film.
The most common modern use of a pinhole camera is to capture the movement of sunlight over a long period of time.

Some good instructions for making an “easy” pinhole camera- Making Oatmeal Box Pinhole Cameras

More information about pinhole cameras How does a pinhole camera work?

VERY fancy and over the top- you can download instructions for the camera pictured below here
pinhole camera

Starting a Craft Blog?

You may be been thinking of setting up your own craft blog- great! More than anything I appreciate the different ideas and creativity of all the craft blogs I visit.
It might be tempting to use a a blog site like blogger or Blogspot or Don’t do it! They will end up owning your content- not you and they will be able to use your blog to make money or charge for advertising,. You will also be severely limited in what you can with your blog in terms of how it looks and is set up ( themes and plugin) . Take the time and the little bit of money it costs to set up your own blog on your own host or server. Use WordPress as you blogging platform read up on hosting plans and web hosting security
It easier than you think and another outlet for creativity!

What can You Do With Shredded Paper?

Most homes these days have a paper shredder- I know we do! I had a bit of scare with Identity theft and have taken some steps protecting myself. Getting a paper shredder was first step- a cross cut one is better then simple shred, Never ever put envelopes or old credit card bill in your recycling!!!!! Sign up with a service like lifelock

What can you do with all this shredded paper?
-You can put it in you compost to reduce yukky wet stuff. Perfect to put in your curbside kitchen waste recycling.
- Use it for shipping- like all your ebay stuff. I don’t; like leaving the shredded paper around to Long feel like it is an invitation for mice.
- Packing material- some one who is moving mush appreciate it.
- recycle

Any other thoughts or ideas for what do with shredded paper??

Some Sympathy Card Ideas

Here are some nice sympathy card ideas to make with stamps. I prefer to make sympathy cards ahead of time. Occasionally I wil custom make them but I just find it too difficult emotionally to work on a card when i am grieving.

This is nice elegant and masculine sympathy card to make here

From same designer- but may be too complicated for some- a good inspiration, however : here

Some nice, simple and clean sympathy card ideas here

Simple, easy sympathy card here. Same card here with different colours. Must have been a stampin up idea.

A sympathy card using quilling here

A very beautiful sympathy card here

Any other ideas? Please post in comment section with your link.

Summer Holidays Mean Summer Scrapbook Pages and Layouts!

My favourite scrap book layouts to work on ( after Christmas) are any photo layouts of our family Summer holidays and vacations. Most of our memorable trips I would have to say have been camping. I do like the beach and lazy days and we have often rented cottages- but for me nothing beats the feel of camping. Working on my scrapbook pages always brings back the memories of warm breezes and campfire chats with friends and family.
One of my all time favourite summer vacations was a bed and breakfast getaway with my husband- he found some dirt cheap flights to USA- I think it cost about 150 each – including taxes-return from Buffalo to Fort Meyers and we spent 3 days in a gorgeous Florida resort.
Was very romantic- no pics from that weekend though :-)

Get Your Own Etsy Store- Sell Your Hand Made Items

What the heck is Etsy? You may see the name in craft URL’s and wondered to your self what is an Etsy?.

Etsy is an online marketplace for buying & selling handmade stuff.

It is a place that lets people make a living making things and hook up with buyers. It began 2005 and now has over 100,000 sellers from around the world with their own ‘Etsy” shops.

The Concept is very similar to ebay stores- but specifically for hand made items. To set up you shop is free and become seller is free- listing is .20 cents per item them a 3.5% commission. Most sellers use paypal so factor in Pay pal fees as well.

Sign up to seel your good here

Scrapbook Retreat Coming Up!

My mom and I are off to a scrapbook retreat in a few weeks. my mom is a bit nutty- maybe it comes with age 9 although i don;t think of her as being old at all :-( ) She has a perfectly good car- I think it is a Saturn that is only a few yeasr old. She had trouble with transmission ONCE 2 years ago. My mother lives about an hour and half from here- not a far drive. Yet- whenever she comes here she insists that she has to rent a car- she would rather use a car rental service than drive her own perfectly good car! She is so terrified of breaking down on highway that she insists on it. Most times my husband and I pay- but I wonder if we are enable her at all?
She usually uses Advantage which has all kinds of deals over the summer and get get pretty cheap- especially with her CAA discount.
At any rate it is fun to get and try new cars with her so I have been wondering what she’ll pull up in when we go off to our retreat. She once rented a PT Cruiser- which I HATED ( too many blind spots) . Has any one else ever heard of this- renting a car when your works fine?

Crafts in the Summer?

I don;t know about everyone else- but desire to do any kind of craft really drops off as Summer comes. I do next to know scrapbooking- seems like such a “winter” craft to me.

I am looking at my dining room table and see ton of scrapbook stuff there and in my heart of hearts I know I won;t touch it until October. I may got to a crop night before then- but really very little need to stay indoors and do crafts.

Does anyone else feel this way?

Do your crafts get lonely during the Summer?