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Father’s Day Gift Tag- A Watch Quilling Pattern???

I am giving my husband a really Seiko Watch for father’s day and REALLY want to do a cute quilled watch for the gift card. he is getting a titanium watch. He hasn’t been able to wear a watch for several years because of nickel allergy and titanium is his only option. They used to be way out of our price range but have come down in price and now can pick up for under two hundred dollars.
I am looking for watch quilling pattern for do this for selfish reasons- I spend alot of time on my gift card for kids and husband- so i can put in my scrapbook later. It does sort of kill two birds with one stone! Nice gift card that compliments the photo of them getting the gift. This works REALLY well at Christmas :-)

Cabin Fever-How Much Scrapbooking Can I Really Do?

I have major cabin fever. we have been doing crafts non-stop since the day after Halloween. Christmas crafts, easter egg crafts, valentine crafts, scrapbooking and birthday crafts. I want to do something outside and I am sick of snow. yes- I know it was only a few short months ago that I was posting about how excited I was about the craft season being upon us and do feel like a bit of a traitor maligning my favorite pastimes- by I feel so sluggish and chair bound!
I am on a bit of a rant- I have been making these cute little scrapbooks for family for last 2 weeks and I am bit burnt out. Add to that the 3 feet of snow that refused to budge- and has obliterated any hint of a swimming pool in our backyard. Last month we were away for a bit- and I rented a really nice beach bike and I forgot how much I loved bike riding. We rode along the beach so I am sure that helped! Where we live now has gorgeous bike trails and I can;t wait t haul the bikes out. My youngest daughter will be able to keep up with us now and not ride in a bike trailer at the back.

I am counting down the days til it will be warm enough to haul out the bikes and get outdoors again!.

Learn Something Almost Anywhere

We were at Universal Studios in Florida recently and my daughter was FACINATED by some oysters she saw at an exhibit, it was about Gulf oysters- she just couldn’t get over how the made pearls and what they had to do with the oysters we eat. She is not fussy on raw or even cooked oysters- but we both love smoked oysters and any kind of creole with them .
I have quite a collection pearls from when we were living in Asia and I guess I never thought to tall her how oysters were “made” Since video is an act of creating thought it would okay to put this video here- come to think of it- oysters are also “crafters” in their own right :-)

Using Chalk to Enhance Stamping Impressions

I may actually make foray into videos (!) to show this technique. I did this over the weekend and was quite pleased with he results.
You need- LIGHT coloured pigment inks ( I like Versa Color), these or Brilliance also work well if you like. The reason you use light is so chalk will show up.
A nice palette is light green, link mauve, light blue and light brown.
Note- this will not work well on white paper. paper needs to be light. Cream works very well.
Stamp your image using one of the above colours. Now shade using complimentary chalks ( more than one colour is nice) ON leaves you would use light green or brown and brown/green tones chalks. Use a cotton ball to apply chalk and then use clean cotton ball to remove excess. This gives a beautiful subtle effect.
I id this on weekend maker borders for a scrapbook page, Using a scroll stamp I made a “damask” look border print blue and green on light blue.
I will take photos to show how it looked and give ideas- or maybe get really brave and create a video!

Cards For Clients and Business Associates

Last year I really struggled with this. I set out in November to make gorgeous, impressive personalized card for about 40 of my business associates and clients. I agonized of what stamps to buy, what design, colours of emossing powder and what it should say on the inside. I kids you not- i probably spent about 200.00 on the project. I drove myself crazy. In the end I got paralyzed with indecision and made about 6 cards… and not one got mailed.
I think trying to combine business with my pleasure was the problem. I have no problem at wit making card for friends and family. This was just too hard.
I like the personalized aspect of hand made cards. I also missed a opportunity to solidify some business relationships when I dropped the ball on those Christmas cards.
Sending out birthday cards and holiday cards can be a excellent way to connect with clients and others you are trying to forge a business relationship with. There are several places you can go to get great looking ( read- not cheap looking) cards AND let you give a personal touch- by adding your name , company name or business logo.
I was loking at and they are a company that really stands out for me- that make it easy and affordable to get unique looking cards that don’t look like every else’s and let me give a bit of personal touch that i like with my own hand made cards- while also looking professional
This is something I wish I had done in 2007.

star birthday card

Neat New product For Scrapbooking, Cards, Stamping and more

Saw a really great new product at my local ( and ALL time favourite crafts store) this week, the product was very different- called “Flower Soft” ( horrible name , btw) The product is hard to describe and if you saw it you would like- what the heck? It is teeny tiny pieces of chewed up fabric. Looks a bit like potpourri dust.

The pictures on web are pretty bad- so hard to show example. If you have one- PLEASE send me one :-) I will happily give you link to your site as well.

You use it to give flowers and other parts of your stamp area dimension. They can be made to look quite life like- little hyacinths in a pot.. topiaries and pretty grass. You can also buy little kits .

This is NOT the kind of thing you will find at your local Micheal’s ( support you independent local craft stores!) and is very affordable. I suspect you will only ever have to by a jar of this once :-)

flower soft example

Blogging About Your Crafts? What to Look For In a Web Hosting Service

My son asked me today when I was complaining about the customer service at my current web host, what is web hosting?
The simple answer is the place that stores all your web files and folders. Think about that- ALL your files and folders. If you have an online company or service I am not sure why the most important thing is price. Yikes. I don’t buy cheap scrapbooks for my family photos and I don’t buy cheap hosting for my web sites. Notice I say CHEAP. Cheap and good value are not the same thing. You can get great value in a host- it may- or may not be cheap.

The best way to find a good , solid web hosting company is by asking other people who they use and their experience. This is the BEST way to find a web host for your web site. Word of mouth. Ask friends and colleagues- most people have an uber geek friend who knows something about something…
Don’t get a fly by night company and don’t use your 13 year old nephew’s Linux server in the basement that he is giving out for free. Price will matter ALOT of something bad happens- and you lose a database or your site. Don’t forget a host company more often than not is also responsible for your MySQL databases and email service.
Look for longevity, how easy they will be get a hold of if something goes wring ( a PHONE number and not just an email or online support FAQ), cost, flexibility and service packages. Do they back up their servers regularity? What is their down time
All of these factors are what you should be looking at – and not just cost.