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Another Great Craft For Boys- Craft Boys Like- Perler Beads/Melty Beads

My four year old son pointed these out to me in Walmart a few eeks ago… They kit was on the pricey side but it is hard to find crafts to do with boys so I went ahead and bought them, WOW!!! He loved them! had some older kids- 8-12 including boys over later in the week- and they also really liked them.
As I have mentioned- with crafts it is not always about the end product. The time you spend while doing a craft can lead to many meaningful conversations and memories- and the en d product boosts self-esteem for any child. Doing craft s\;t about making something pretty – it is about having fun- spending time with kids and letting them create /make a mess.
Building a relationship NOW is the key. You can;t just jump in when they are 10+ and expect them to open up. Crafts will lead to many conversations with your child that will surprise you.

This particular craft is NOT a messy one- but don’t let mess stop you. Your house will be spotless when the kids are gone.

Perler beads- sometimes called melty beads look like pony beads ( very large beads). You buy forms for them- or a square to go free-style- and place the beads in pattern then oron them with was paper and they sort of meld together. They look cool done.. You can hang with fishing line or glue magnets on for the fridge.
They can be pricey- but I bought HUGE jar of them for 10.00 at Michaels the other day.

Perler Beads web site :