Great New Product – Stamp N Bond and Some Tips and Ideas for Using

I was introduced to Stamp N Bond from Stampendous at my local craft store and fell in love. Th ebottle costs about 8.00. The product looks like clear embossing powder, but it is actually tiny beads of glue that melt and “activate” when you heat it up. The glue is REALLY strong.
How can you use this? It looks FANTASTIC when used with glitter or even embossing power that you don’t heat.
To use the stamp n bond, put Versamark or similar on your stamp. stamp your image and pour the Stamp n bond powder on it, shake it off, etc. Heat with heat gun and put your glitter on it… shake it off. it will hold!

Some tips:
Do NOT overheat the stamp n bond! Just heat til it gets glossy.

Move quickly- the glue will dry fast.

Staps with simple and not too intricate design work best. You lose detail with glitter.

Stamp n bond works beautifully with embossing tape. Just sprinkle on the Stamp N Bond, heat and add glitter for stunning effect.

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