Contest at “All I Want FOr Christmas” Giveaway- Win Scrapbook Supplies started a new contest today – the All I want for Christmas Giveaway that will be running until Christmas. You go to their site daily and submit a gift you would like to win- you can choose anything on their site up to a value of a $1000.00.

I am finally in full throttle Christmas mode- seems I get in the spirit just after the Santa Claus parade and yesterday we had our first really snow storm of the year- outside is beautiful- lots of Christmas lights and snowy evergreen trees.
We actually got some Christmas gift tags made over the weekend too- despite the mess. A four year old + stamping + glitter + alcohol inks= HUGE MESS!

So, now that we have a bunch of gifts tags-time to get some gifts for everyone!

I was looking at the site at some of their inventory .
In their “Arts and Crafts”{ section they had some great deals on scrapbook kits-
“Indigo Dreams Ultimate Jumbo Scrapbook Kit” was there at regularly 100.00 AND FOR SALE AT 25.99. The kit includes
Indigo Dreams collection features vintage textures, comforting patterns, and peaceful Alphabet sticker, tons of paper, vellum, and other extras in royal blue an yellow colours.

The kit come in different coloured themes- also available- “OLD School Ultimate Jumbo Scrapbook Kit which has Deep, rich browns highlight old pictures or give new pictures an older feel. “New School Jumbo Scrapbook with Bright primary colours .

I would like to win any one them and will try and enter to win daily ? At this point I have blown my craft budget and will have to WIN new products to get them ?

They has some pretty nice sticker kits for scrapbooks as well.

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