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Waiting List to Join Ravelry Knit and Crochet Community- Join now

Ravelry is a knit and crochet community. It is a social media site. If you donl;t know what that is- don;t be scared :-)
Its kind of like a mybloglog or Digg for wool people :-)

It is a community to share ( or not) ideas and your knitting and crochet projects, patterns, ideas and blogs. Looks pretty neat :-)
To see snapshot of what it looks like:

The site is not launched yet and is still in beta testing- but “testers” are being added each day. You can add your name to list to be invited. They apparently add 700+ people a day.

My New Favorite Brand of Stamps- Savvy !

I just LOVE these stamps! They are whimsical without being cutesy. The official website, is AWFUL. There are some pics in a gallery- that is flash bases and not searchable, no way to view categories or themes . Its odd that they wouldn’t realize that so many stampers use the Internet to purchase and make it easy for them!

There are som stamp retailers where you can buy or look at. Most likely your local craft store can make a specialty order for you.

I am goin to try and track down some images and will have up tomorrow :-)

Its Finally Here- Christmas Craft Season!

My FAVORITE time of the year! Out come the glue guns and gold glitter and red plaid ribbons! You have no idea how excited I am… I LOVE crafts of all kinds and Christmas is the Holy Grail of crafting. Was in Micheal’s today and got downright giddy.

I love making cookies, embossing gift tags and putting together gift baskets. I don’t care much if people appreciate the effort- I love doing it- it has zen like quality for me. My kids and kids friends love doing crafts with me and I love to see the joy in their faces when they make something beautiful.

I think we will tackle making some candles this week. I still have a ton of soy leftover from last year. I also picked up some red embossing powder so our comes the Snowman stamps.. :)

Am I the only craft nut here that thinks of Christmas the way men look forward to the football season???