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January 3rd, 2007

Crafts for Boys: Make Goop!

My son goes nuts for this. We color ours different colours and squishing it makes for wonderful “brains” and other gross things!
This makes a very “wet” almost dough like stretchy concoction that is hard to describe. kids go crazy for it. Very tactile and indescribable texture.

8 oz bottle of school glue ( Elmer’s type- get at dollar store)
8oz. of water ( hint- fill up empty glue bottle)
coloring: food coloring, tempera paint powder, kool-ade, etc.

8oz. WARM water
1 1/2 tsp Borax ( can be found in laundry section and is very cheap)

Mix up first mixture of glue, water and coloring in bowl-set aside

Mix up warm water with borax ( don’t worry if there are lumps) but be careful not to add too much borax- will wreck texture of the goop.

Now, Slowly pour borax water mixture into the other bowl- while stirring. You will get a STRANGE consistency pretty quickly :-)

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