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List of Free Valentine’s Day Cross Stitch Patterns and Charts- Heart Cross Stitching Charts



Free Hearts and Valentines Day Cross Stitch Patterns Online and for Download

Wonderful site for free patterns- here. Unusual and free cross stitch patterns, I especially like the free heart shaped pillow with Quaker motif. One of the nicest offerings of free cross stitch patterns I have seen in a long time.

Nice Rose free cross stitch chart/pattern

Learn to Cross stitch pattern- with this heart pattern

Amy’s Cross Stitch A pretty wedding sampler, teddy bear and rose design here

Michael’s has a couple of free Valentine’s Day Patterns and charts
Tons and Tons of Heart and Valentine cross stitch charts and patterns here
Free Hardanger Heart Although I find’s pages impossible to navigate- way to many ads – this is a nice design. A lovely selection of free cross stitch patterns- including hearts and Valentine’s Day patterns.

Pretty Heart Mini-Sampler Very Nice! A unusually nice free cross stitch pattern for Valentines Day, anniversary or birthday.

“My sweetie” and “My true love” courtesy of Site is in Spanish so just click away :-) Look under “romanticos” and there are tons of nice ones. Worth the effort and nicely done patterns to print in colour.

Hearts Border Free heart cross stitch pattern

Lovely Christmas Hearts- free heart cross stitch pattern.

Bear with Heart - cute free cross stitch pattern

Funky Hearts: Very nice kind of funky free heart cross stitch pattern- good for beginners or teenage cross stitch-er :-)

Crafts for Boys: Make Goop!

My son goes nuts for this. We color ours different colours and squishing it makes for wonderful “brains” and other gross things!
This makes a very “wet” almost dough like stretchy concoction that is hard to describe. kids go crazy for it. Very tactile and indescribable texture.

8 oz bottle of school glue ( Elmer’s type- get at dollar store)
8oz. of water ( hint- fill up empty glue bottle)
coloring: food coloring, tempera paint powder, kool-ade, etc.

8oz. WARM water
1 1/2 tsp Borax ( can be found in laundry section and is very cheap)

Mix up first mixture of glue, water and coloring in bowl-set aside

Mix up warm water with borax ( don’t worry if there are lumps) but be careful not to add too much borax- will wreck texture of the goop.

Now, Slowly pour borax water mixture into the other bowl- while stirring. You will get a STRANGE consistency pretty quickly :-)