Free Breast Cancer Awareness Pink Ribbon Cross Stitch Pattern

Here are some free patterns to stitch a “pink ribbon” cross stitch, to promote breast cancer awareness and support.

My own design- You can download this free pattern here

Cute and suitable for plastic or canvas pink ribbon pattern:

4 different awareness patterns HERE that are quite lovely.There is a very simple one to do and 3 other designs- all free.

Need to be a member ( its free) of this popular cross stitch forum, this is nice pink ribbon and flowers design.

pink breast cancer ribbon

3 thoughts on “Free Breast Cancer Awareness Pink Ribbon Cross Stitch Pattern

  1. StElmoQn

    Is the ribbon picture in this post available as a cross stitch pattern. It has no information available about it on this page.

    Need to know ASAP.


  2. Administrator Post author

    Hi-the link is now dead and I have removed. I have pu up some new free awareness ribbon cross stitch patterns and charts.

  3. Tereena


    I am an Australian cross stitch designer and I have designed a Breast Cancer Ribbon cross stitch pattern which I am releasing to the public domain for anyone to pass and share this pattern around for free and people can also stitch this design on products to sell for donations for Breast Cancer Research. It comes in small or large size. You can find it on my free patterns page here

    Thanks and Best Wishes
    Tereena Clarke
    Artecy Cross Stitch


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