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Whatever you call it- kids love it and find it addictive!
Gimp, also known as boondoggle is a type of flat, plastic thread used for making many types of crafts, necklaces or bracelets, zipper pulls. The designs can be fairly easy or complicated so they are good for a wide range of ages. I think under 5 years old can be pretty frustrating without a lot of help from someone older.
Scoubidou is very similar to gimp- the difference is the thread is round and hollow and not flat like gimp. The knots and techniques are exactly the same, and end appearance very similar.

The standard size for gimp is 3/32″ wide but there are larger sizes (1/4″ and 3/8″) You can get 100 yard spools, but most projects only take 3-6 yards. You can buy at most dollar stores, Walmart and Michael’s or other craft stores in many different colours- from bright neons to glow in the dark.

Boondoggle, Gimp, Plastic Lacing and Scoubidou Projects and Sites

Very cute barrette made with gimp a neat boondoggle craft for girls. Plastic Lacing Project: Boondoggle Barrette – A Gimp Craft

Boondoggle/Gimp Craft Ideas: This site has some pretty neat ideas- some are pretty far out! The instructions are very well laid out.

Boondoggle: Making Bracelets with Plastic Lace (Kids Can Do It)

How To Make Scoubidous, Boondoggles, & Lanyards Too!

Boondoggle: Making Bracelets with Plastic Lace (Kids Can Do It)

TONS of free gimp/plastic lacing craft ideas here Some very nice ideas- well worth the look. Including a nice backpack USA flag made from plastic lacing, also a neat first aid kit using gimp and film canister. Each craft comes with supply list and instructions.

Cute Boondoggle Dragon Fly pin

Lots of nice ideas for gimp/scoubidou/boondoggle crafts Also shows you how to make different types of knots- from easy to complicated. Very nice, easy to understand instructions.

Nice scoubidou site
Scoubidou Site Lots of nice knots well explained.

Nice photos of Scoubidou/Gimp knots

Gimp Pencil wrapper Craft
Gimp Key chain Craft
Buy Gimp plastic lacing in bulk

11 thoughts on “Plastic Lacing-Gimp-or Boondoggle – Scoubidou : Designs, Craft Ideas and Web Sites

  1. johanna


    I have a pattern maker that lets you cross-stitch your own pattern. Is there a program like that to help you design keychain ideas? Thanks.


  2. darcy siebert

    Of course my daughter waits until the last minute. She is giving a lesson to her class, of course today, and she needs this info. I need to know ASAP when gimp was started and any other info about how it got started. Anyone know????

  3. Katie

    Zoe- I’ve heard a lot of different ways. The easiest is to just pull and pull and pull and pull at the ends of the craft. I made a keychaid for my mom and the ends stayed tied for about three years before falling apart, which is more than long enough for one of those to last. I knotted each end alone (not with all together) in a simple knot. I’ve also heard that you can melt the plastic together using a lighter. I’m not sure if this is safe or not, so I wouldn’t have little kids do it that way. I tried this once and it didn’t work- I ended up burning through the plastic and so I couldn’t end it at all… Good luck!

  4. dayne

    hi my name is dayne i just love these craft lace they are so cool i love them so much that i already made like six in three days and they are long andi just want to say so ever made this THANK YOU

  5. BoondoggleLuver

    I love Boondoggles/Gimps. They are extremely fun to make. I already have like 2-Dozen in the last like week, with the help of my friends. In school, we are selling them for different prices according to what style we make. Everyone loves them… Needless to say we have $25 in the last month, which is sorta good. My friends and I are just constantly making them… I might have a website up about different stitches soon…
    Be Sure To Check It Out..

  6. Jessica

    I love to make stuff! I found this other really cool website that tells you how to end a gimp project. It’s I keep trying to end it the way he does, but it just makes a big mess so I just leave it go. It’s kinda’ harder than it looks!

  7. sasha

    The way my sister ends is by putting the gimp under hot water for about a minute. It stays after that.


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