Scrapbooking: Tips for Taking Photos

Yes- you can add scrapbooking to my list of craft obsessions! I started scrapbooking about 5 years ago- In fact I was a Creative Memories scrapbooking consultant for 2 years. I know have thousands of photographs and thousands of dollars worth of scrapbooking supplies. If you are new to scrapbooking then congratulations- you have found a rewarding life time obsession, er, hobby.

I do have some tips I will share form time to time. The first are some idea for taking great photos. A great scrapbook starts with great pictures. The principle are the same with both digital and film prints. Kodak has some great tips for taking good pictures
1. Look your subject in the eye
2. Use a plain background
3. Use flash outdoors
4. Move in close
5. Move it from the middle
6. Lock the focus
7. Know your flash’s range
8. Watch the light
9. Take some vertical pictures
10. Be a picture director

For in depth explanations- visit their site, Tips for Great Pictures

The best advice I ever got for taking great pictures of kids was to take shots up close- not to be far away. Its okay to just have a face in the frame- or a foot- or a chubby baby’s hand. Also-its almost impossible to take a bad black and white picture.

I advise all my preganant friends- get a camera with some black and white film in it to take to the hospital. The picture of your newborn baby will look beautiful and you will be shocked at how good you will look in black and white just after giving birth.
New baby pictures in black and white look incredible in a scrapbook album- especially on black pages.

baby picture

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